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Virus Protection And PC Hardening — Would you let the kid down the block have access to your checking account or Visa card? If you're not using a firewall or virus protection, you very well might be. You may not know who is looking at your online files, records, bank accounts, etc.

Virus attacks as well as intrusions are a problem that is getting worse and worse. Now it is finally getting some attention in the news. Almost weekly, you hear on the news about a new virus that is going to cause damage or there's some new problem that will let hackers gain access to your pc. I used to think, how's some guy in china going to find my pc and hack in. Here's how. The hacker has a peice of software the goes out and polls every a set of addresses that are active on the internet. Everytime you connect to the internet, it gives you a number. Think of this number like a telephone # or social security #, As long as you're connected to the internet that address is tied to your pc. There are dozens of software programs that let a person "take over" a pc for tech support. The problem is hackers use these helpful applications to find and gain access to your pc (without your approval.) If certain ports have not been turned off (hardened), they will be able to gain access. Virus protection will keep viruses out but sometimes can't keep hackers out. This is where software hardening and personal firewalls come into the picture. Hardening will plug openings that you're not aware of. When we harden your pc we manually turn off unused ports to prevent anyone from gaining access to your pc (over the internet). A personal firewall is either a software application or an actual black box that is between your pc and your high speed internet modem that blocks access as well. Either of these can successfully prevent a hacker from gaining access to your pc.

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