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On-site computer services for the home and small business user. No job is too small. Let us help you with your computing needs.

On-Site PC Repair Services — What happens if your pc stops working or you can't connect to the internet? What if your pc is acting weird and you suspect it's infected with a virus? You could take it to Bestbuy, but you know they will charge $$$ and possibly take a week or two to get it fixed. When it's ready, you've still got to pick it up and then figure out where all those wires on the back plug in. At Mark's Computer Service, we take the hassle out of computer repairs.

In this day and age, almost every home has at least one computer system. With high speed access to the internet becoming more common, the computer has become more of a neccessity than a convienence. Be it a child's homework project or using your home pc to remote into to your work site, the home pc is becoming a vital as the TV or telephone. This brings about a new void. If your phone line or television break, you call in a repairman. Currently, if your pc crashes you have to unhook the pc, drive all the way to Best Buy or Compusa, (chain store). After waiting in line, you finally get to the counter and they want (at least) $80 to diagnose the problem. That's not to fix it, but to diagnois it. Depending which store you go to, it can run up to $120. If your pc has a virus, their fix is to erase the hard drive. This does work but you will lose all your information you've entered in. Now you've got a computer which they will be happy to reload the Windows software (for another $80). These chain stores do offer support, but the customer has to help pay for those huge buildings, inventory and staff they have.

What's different at Mark's Computer Service? First, we come to your home and do our best to get you up and running as quick as possible. In most cases we can accomplish this within 1-2 hours. Some of the advantages are: we do the driving so you don't have to, we're cheaper than chain stores, we can meet you after hours, we'll only do the work you need and approve, and most importantly we'll make sure all your pc and part are working before we leave.

Please give us a call today and I'll be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.