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On-site computer services for the home and small business user. No job is too small. Let us help you with your computing needs.

Is It Time For A New PC — How do you know if it's time for a new computer? Should you upgrade or get a new pc? Can your pc be upgraded? What's the difference between AMD and Intel processors?

I could go over pages and pages of items to help you decide whether ot not you need a new pc or if you just need to upgrade. If you call us, we will sit down with you and go over what you currently have, what you want to work on and what limitations you're currently having (if any). With 14 years experience in this field, we can quickly identify your needs and whether or not your pc can meet them.

If a new pc is what you need, we can build you one that will meet the specifications you require. Our custom built pc's meet the highest standards and are available to be upgradable years down the line. Your pc will be built with the newest parts available. We don't keep surplus parts. This insures we can keep our cost down (which in turn keeps our cost to the customer down as well).

Hardware Upgrades — If only an upgrade is needed, we'll be glad to recommend the exact parts you will need, order them and install them in a timely manor. All our work is guaranteed and we make sure everything is working before we leave your home!

Software Upgrades — Hardware upgrades aren't the only type of changes you can make to your pc. Software changes just about as regualrly as the hardware does. If you already own versions of your current software you'll probably be eligible for upgrades of the more current version (at a much reduced cost to you). If you're looking to do something on your pc and don't know what type of software you need, please call us and we'll be happy to help you out. We offer software, installation and training on just about every software application on the market today.

Peripheral Sales — We also provide every type of device you are looking for, (printers, hubs, scanners, digital cameras, usb devices, etc). Even if you don't buy them from us, we are more than happy to handle the installation of these devices for a nominal fee. Please check back often as we are about to implement an online ordering company where you can buy your items online and have them shipped directly to you from the factory.