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Servicing Fayette, Shelby and Tipton Counties.
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On-site computer services for the home and small business user. No job is too small. Let us help you with your computing needs.

About Us — My name is Mark James. I'm the owner of "Mark"s Computer Service". I have 14 years experience fixing, building and maintaining computers systems and networks for a fortune 500 company. Having worked on thousands of computers, from MS-Windows 3.0 thru MS- Windows XP, I've seen it all.

The reason I started this company is a simple one. There's a void that needs to be filled. In this day and age, more and more homes have at least one computer system. On top of that with high speed access to the internet becoming more common, the computer has become more of a neccessity than a convenience. Be it a child's homework project or using your home pc to remote into to your work site, the home pc is becoming as vital as the TV or telephone. This brings about the void I mentioned. If your phone line or television break, you call in a repairman. Currently, if your pc crashes you have to unhook the pc, drive all the way to Bestbuy or Compusa, (chain store). After waiting in line, you finally get to the counter and they want (at least) $80 to diagnois the problem. That's not to fix it, but to diagnois it. Depending which store you go to, it can run up to $120. If your pc has a virus, their fix is to erase the hard drive. This does work but you will lose all your information you've entered in and then you will have to reload your pc from scratch. They will be happy to re-install your windows software (for another $80). Chain stores that offer support have to help their company pay for those huge buildings, inventory and staff they have. If you do leave your pc at the chain store, it may take them 2-3 weeks to get it fixed for you. What I want to do is provide a service for people to get their computers fixed in their own homes.

My company is very small, no huge staff. I do not have a huge building to pay rent on. What Ido have is more experinece than most of these shops complete staff combined. I don't have high overhead so my prices are much lower than the chain stores. My plan is simple. I will come to your house and work on your pc. Some things will take more time to finish and I'll come take the pc away with me. When it's fixed, I'll bring it back to your home, hook all those wires back in and make sure it is working properly beofre I leave. I'll also walk thru the problems you were having and what I did to fix them. Most problems can be fixed the same day, on site within an hour or two.

I also provide sales of all types of computer equipment: new pc's, printers, USB devices, scanners, digital cameras, monitors, etc. One of the most requested things also available is training. Not everybody is compter literate. I'll come to your house and give you a one-on-one training class on anything you need help with on the computer. You may want to know how to connect a digital camera to your pc and print color photos or you may just want to know how to send/receive email. Like my homepage says, no job is to small.

Ok, you read the site but still have questions. Please email me, I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.
I hope to hear from you soon.